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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why I Read the Tarot

Manda seems upset for me because apparently I believe in the tarot and other awful stuff like that. Ummm...I appreciate the concern and I hate to disappoint you Manda, but my mind is not that amazing! Trust me on that.

Yes, I do believe in lots of spiritual crap. There are reasons and I won't go into them now. Let's just say that I understand why my rational friends do not believe. I like that they do not believe. I would be just as skeptical if I hadn't had a couple of personal, inexplicable events occur. Actually, I am still pretty skeptical and not your typical new agey type person (see The Solstice Event post).

But the Tarot doesn't fit in the silly New Age category. At least, for me it doesn't.

I use and view the tarot as a self-exploration tool to provide different perspectives on various aspects of my life. I do not use it to tell the future. I do not use it to speak with spirits. I do not use it to tell me what to do. It is sort of like going to counselling, talking to a wise friend or writing personal stuff in a journal or blog. It is a mirror, a sounding board, a spade. It is mostly me talking to other subconscious aspects of myself.

I have been to many tarot readers in the past. With the exception of Phoenix, they have all been a load of rubbish. I find that doing tarot spreads for myself is much more useful. I am the person best qualified to make decisions about my life.

The thing I get out of tarot is that it is a spotlight on the issues that I am going through. It often reveals things I may have been ignoring. It often provides alternate perspectives on a situation.

The cards can be read in many ways, and you can say anything with any spread if you approach it in the right way. But I think that whatever interpretation I am drawn to is relevant for me at the moment. And just like I try not to follow science blindly, I don't follow the tarot blindly. I always take everything it says with a grain of salt. I always weigh it against all the other information I have.

I think what I like about the Tarot is the artistic, visual, creative story-telling aspect. It is fun. I certainly don't think it is for everyone and I think a lot of people take it far too seriously. Like everything else, it can be completely wrong. But I do think that people should try it or at least research it before denouncing it so strongly. Things aren't always what they seem.

I agree with you, Suze, that things are not always what they seem. I went through a period in my life where I used runes alot. The most poignant experience for me with them was drawing the blank rune half an hour before my Dad actually died. It was funny, really, because I remember thinking, "Yes, I know he going to die" since he was in the process of dying at the time - but afterward I realised that what it was telling me was that my Dad was actually about to die, then.
That is a cool story even though it has a sad setting.

It is interesting how things work in phases. I have been through various phases (including runes), but I always enf up back at astrology and tarot. I like them the best.

The other card that has been reappearing in my recent tarot spreads is the "Politics" card. I thought that was kind of funny!
You are getting pulled in, regarding politics!

Yeah, I don't really do much with runes anymore. Astrology I find very interesting, but don't do anything with really. Though recently my cousin's husband, who is into in a big way, told me my horoscope has a, let's see if I remember this correctly .. "a finger of destiny" in it. Which is apparently not common at all. I forget about it most of the time, though.
"You are getting pulled in, regarding politics!"

Yeah. It is quite strange. Definitely a strong pull towards politics. But I am trying to resist. It doesn't make sense - I am not at all suited to politics :)

A finger of destiny? I think that is supposed to relate to some special purpose...the nature of which depends on the planets that it appears in. Although I son't know much about it because I have never met anyone with one.
I didn't think I was suited to politics, either, Suze. Yet there I am, commenting on a political blog. Sometimes much more energy can be spent resisting than going with the flow, you know.

As for the finger of destiny, hopefully it's nothing to worry about. I'll have to ask my "astrologer" what planets.
I'm planning on giving Labour the finger of destiny...or am I talking about a different finger?

(See how I cunningly weave politics back into the Tarot conversation? Very sad.)

My Tarot deck needs a dust off. (Actually, it sits in a silk bag). Haven't looked at it in a while.

Maybe politics in your life at this stage is merely to provide another kind of sounding board to your thoughts? People arguing over ideas, interpretations and significance of events and all that. Can be very educational standing further back.

I sense a change coming.
Zen, yes, I do note the way you weave politics into almost everything :)

I like the sounding board explanation.

Yes, definitely a change on the horizon.
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