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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Solstice Event

The evening started off great. Phoenix hosted a very cool pre-solstice-event gathering with a few of her friends. I met a couple of inspiring people: a professional fairy (how cool is that?!), and a freelance writer and I caught up with the lovely TGirl.

This put me in a very good mood and I was looking forward to attending the solstice event. So when we got to the event I quite happily paid the rather high entry fee and ignored my initial misgivings.

Unfortunately the event was um....not exactly my cup of tea. It made me feel very uncomfortable and jittery and physically sick. Not a good state for participating in a ritual. I think I lasted 10-15minutes, then I bolted. Phoenix joined me shortly after, and we ran away to soothe our jagged nerves in the pub. Much better!

I'm glad I went though. I learnt a lot, and the entrance fee, and escape-taxi fare were well worth it. I will blog the details and/or lessons later.

Oh no, that doesn't sound good. What was it that made you sick?

OTOH, how does one become a professional fairy? Is there a licensing exam?
The atmosphere made me feel sick. Sort of like the crowd thing, except slightly different because it was a "spiritual" crowd.

Or maybe I'm just not a very good "lightworker." :)

The fairy thing was very interesting. No exams. You just need to find people willing to pay you to be a fairy. Her job sounds very cool. She works with children and does events and charity things.
Not having previously heard the term "lightworker", I googled it, came up with lightworker.com, and if that dude on the home page is a "good lightworker", then damn if I would want to be anything like that. The million-mile-stare in his eyes is just... creepy...
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