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Monday, June 20, 2005

Foo Fighters, Fly My Pretties, Sinch and Johnny Cash

I am currently listening to:
Foo Fighters - Still
Foo Fighters - Over and Out
Fly My Pretties - Lets Roll
Sinch - Something More
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Johnny Cash - The Mercy Seat
Johnny Cash - One

Foo Fighters
OK. I have changed my mind about the Foo Fighter's new album. I have listened to both cds properly now. It is very good, but not worth raving about like I did in my previous post. When I listen to a cd at work, I frequently miss songs because I actually do work. I think that somehow I only managed to listened to the really good songs on Friday. There are a few songs that I love (Still, Over and Out), and the rest are just pretty good.

Fly My Pretties
I have raved about Fly My Pretties before. They are playing at the Leigh Sawmill cafe this weekend. Unfortunately I am not going, but Darren and Amanda are and that's the next best thing. I expect lots of pictures!

Sinch is a band (they have been put in the 90s seattle alt box) that someone mentioned to me a few years ago. I couldn't find any of their cds in NZ, so I gave up for a couple of years. I was recently inspired to try again. I still can't find any cds in NZ, but I managed to download a song from a soundtrack (song = Something More; soundtrack = XXX 2: Roadrage).

I absolutely love the Something More! Now I am on a mission to obtain more Sinch music. I think I may have to import a cd. None of the NZ music stores stock it and I can't find a downloadable version. I will be very disappointed if they turn out to be a one hit wonder.

Johnny Cash
Last, but definitely not least, I have discovered Johnny Cash.

His covers of Hurt, The Mercy Seat, and One are sublime. I think I may even like them better than the originals, which is saying a lot as the original versions of all three songs are some of my all-time favourites.

I always used to think I didn't like country, but maybe I was completely wrong about that. Maybe I like dark country.

Anyway, I have downloaded two of Mr Cash's most recent albums. They will keep me amused for days and I am sure I will blog about them.

Cooling off on the Foos already, huh? I just got the new Audioslave disc. Not yet fully through it, but I like what I've heard so far. I'll probably give a half-assed review of it over on my blog after I've given it a full listen...
Yeah, it didn't take long! Maybe it's because I found something more gripping.

Audioslave ought to be good. I'd be interested in your half-assed opinion ;-)
Which begs the question: What is a fully-assed opinion?
hmmm...too difficult a question for an as-yet uncaffeinated first-thing-in-the morning. Please inform of any answer.

...and would I want to hear a full-assed opinion? I suspect not ;)
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