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Monday, June 20, 2005

The Longest Night

Winter solstice tomorrow night and Matariki (rising of the Pleadies) this month.

Ritual calls.

Ritual calls? Do tell, details requested!

My birthday being on the winter solstice (Northern Hemisphere version -- your summer solstice I imagine), I have taken to calling it "the darkest day of the year".
Does it always rain on your birthday? It is raining today.

Today I am leaving work early to hang out with like-minded friends and their tarot cards. I may continue on to the solstice event, or I may go home and make up my own. Not sure of the details at the moment.
The first time a ritual is performed, is it yet a ritual?
It won't be a ritual if I make up my own.
But it will be if I attend someone else's or follow an existing ritual.

I am undecided about what it will be.
Is this a Maori thing or a more general pagan thing (pagan not meant in any derogatory sense -- if I was "spiritual", I'm sure I'd be pagan...)?
I don't know if Maori celebrate the solstice. I know they celebrate the rising of the pleiades this month.

It is more a pagan thing. I'm not pagan, but I have friends who are new-agey and I like the idea of being pagan. If I had to choose an existing religion then I'd choose something like wicca or buddhism.
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