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Monday, June 27, 2005

Hurry Up All Ready

My goodness politics is irritating. The rare bizzarely fascinating tidbit interspersed among the tedium. I wish the election was over already.

Despite all my effort in trying to achieve a vague knowledge of politics in NZ I have come to the conclusion that there is no one to vote for. At least before, when I knew nothing, I had options about who to vote for.

I am pissed off with Labour and National.
All the religious parties are out of the question. As is NZ First.
I disagree with most of the Alliance and Green policies.
The Libertarianz are too economically Libertarian for me.
None of the minor parties really appeal. Besides they are minor parties.
That leaves ACT. I don't like ACT.

Yes, elections seems to be a time for voting to block who you like the least.
Suze, there are plenty of rational arguments for not voting at all. I don't know how the NZ electoral process works, but many of the arguments ought to apply to you as well. Try googling around, and you'll find lots of well-reasoned articles on why not voting is completely acceptable, perhaps even preferred.
This sounds a bit like famous last words.
Haven't had time to do any research on "not voting" but isn't choosing not to vote a bit different from not bothering to vote?
Only the reason, not the effect.

So what to do? I find second-guessing the complex workings of the universe to be tricky.

When it comes to brain power, you can justify anything with enough effort.

The heart can be blinded by hopes and fears, but is a valuable compass.

So somewhere, where heart and mind meet, spirit talks. Listen to that and act.

[Hey, I like that. I might make that one my next Satori.]
But if you are choosing not to vote then you are probably also taking the effect into account. Well, that's how I'd do it anyway.

Yes now I remember that I am trying to break the "second-guess the universe" habit.

"where heart and mind meet, spirit talks. Listen to that and act."
Nice :-)

Despite all my agonising about who to vote for, in the end I will probably just use my intuition to make the final decision. All this political "research" (using the term very loosely here) is just data gathering for my intuition machine.
my dad did this for several elections:

1. enter polling booth
2. pick up pen
3. scrawl across voting paper "i have no confidence in any of these"
4. put voting paper in box

He did vote for someone last time (United Future's fashionability got to him) but I suspect he may be back to spoiling his ballot again this time.
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