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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Enforced Creativity

Task: make something given a limited set of supplies (chosen by someone else) and a budget of $7.

Enforced creativity works very well for me (eg the spring roll song). Constraints are much better than unlimited freedom when it comes to creating original things. When I have unlimited freedom I either get stuck on the option analysis and decision making or I recreate something I have done before.

So a few hours after being given the task I got a mental picture of what I wanted to create. What I ended up making isn't quite like my mental picture (it never is!), but I am happy with it. It is something I would wear.

I tend to make simple jewellery so I have lots of beads and $ left over. Here are the left overs:
The Left Overs

The (almost) finished product:

A close up of the (almost) finished product:
close up

Me trying to photograph myself wearing the almost finished product:

A difficult thing to do seeing as the necklace doesn't have a clasp yet and my camera battery kept dying.

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