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Friday, April 22, 2005

Random Events of Today

It seems it is tree checkup season. Not only did the arborists visit the trees at work this week, but today I also saw people attending to the trees in Alfred St and the Domain. I wonder if trees have to have regular checkups, and I wonder if Autumn is the best time for these checkups?

There were ducks wandering across the road by the Domain the duck pond. It was rush hour, but they were happilytaking their time...dawdling and quacking. Is there something in the Road Code that says you have to stop for ducks and other wildlife? I know that ducks on the road are a problem in Titirangi.

The Black Crowe Cafe has changed ownership. I ran into Romi et al hard at work. Apparently it will be open next week and apparently it will be Aubergine. I am looking forward to eating there!

I am still having trouble accessing my blog from my computer, but have found workarounds.

You might want to try the "clear cookies" option to sort out browser access, if it works elsewhere.
Thanks. All better now.

Thought I had cleared cookies, but maybe I hadn't. Clearing everything solved the problem.
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