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Friday, April 15, 2005

I Have Too Much Content. What Do I Do Now?

She said it was all about content. She is probably right. I think she means a quantity of quality content. Lets just talk about quantity today.

I am having problems with quantity. I remember when I started this blog, Cam said one blog would be more than enough. Why would I possibly need two blogs let alone three? I think he also said something about a focused blog. Ha ha!

I remember that someone said that finding enough content would be the hard thing.

Well I think I have the opposite problem. I currently have about six draft posts awaiting finishing touches. I have been saving them up for the time when I have the "not enough content" problem. Now they are getting stale.

I also have an almost infinite number of potential posts... hang on let me count ... one, two, eighteen ... hmmm definitely over thirty potential posts. And that's just ideas that have popped into my brain unbidden. Surely if I thought about it there would be hundreds of ideas. And given enough time and stimulation I would reach that almost infinite number.

Sure some posts would take a while to write, but others would be off the top of my head. From my brain to my fingertips to the interweb. Or. If you are of the other persuasion: from the global consciousness to my fingertips to the interweb.

It is a silly waste of time to sit and type up half a dozen totally unrelated posts in a couple of hours. Isn't it?

No, its a silly waste of time to write them then shelve them.

As you say, from the global consciousness, to your fingertips, to the interweb, to the foreground of the global consciousness.
Good advice.
you post them! you dont' just have to post once a day!
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