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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Guy Gift Ideas

Why are guys so hard to buy gifts for? Actually...other people in general are hard to buy for. Why is that? I mean I am extremely easy to buy for...why isn't everyone else like me?

Here, for future reference, are the results of my latest search for suitable guy gifts. Some ideas I found by googling, others just popped into my head. And just in case you are wondering, all of these are suitable gifts for me too.

Digital Photo Frame
Who wouldn't want this? Unfortunately I have no idea where to get one in NZ.

An Experience
I didn't realise there were quite so many companies providing gift options. Convenient. Online. No need to leave your desk/laptop. Experiences can cost tens of dollars or thousands of dollars. The experiences range from low energy pampering (eg facials, massage) to adrenaline fuelled excitement (eg parachuting, diving) to educational (eg flying lessons, salsa lessons) to alcoholic (eg wine tours, wine tasting) and so on.

For example: www.totalexperience.co.nz, www.remember.co.nz, www.redballoondays.co.nz

A Subscription
I would be completely happy for someone to pay for a years subscription to flickr or Rip It Up, or Bass Player, or Rolling Stone, or New Scientist.

Tickets to Something

Useful Gadgets
Memory - in any form: a card for my camera (4Gb please), a flash drive, a hard drive, blank cds/dvds.
Swiss army knife/tool type things.
Cool fire-making /direction-finding /boredom-avoiding /noise-making /life-organising devices.

I know that "Useful Gadgets" could probably be called "toys". But here I mean real toys: lego, board games, playstation/computer games, water pistols...

Alcohol, cigars, food etc.

vouchers, cds, strings, picks, sticks, 9V batteries, magazines, effects pedals, leads...

song, poem, recipe, artwork, clothing...

If that hasn't helped and you want even more ideas I like IWOOT, which has lots of gifts that fall under the unneccessary but desirable category. Also www.surprise.com. It lets you enter relevant details and then it suggests suitable gifts based on the variables. Quite entertaining if you are bored because they categorise their gifts amusingly. I immediately slotted various friends into their categories eg:
Some friends would even fit in more than one category!

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Mmmm Caffeine.
Caffeine Fiend = half the people I know.
Well actually, coffee. I gave up Coke a few years ago.

Only half the people you know? Do more cafes.
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