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Monday, August 07, 2006


I am observing from the sidelines. People are strange. They are seemingly inconsistent, but I guess their seeming inconsistencies just reveal aspects of their beliefs. I am quite sure I am just as inconsistent, even if I don't see it myself.

I am bemused, apparently people care about things like:
the survival of the human race
climate change (haha)
winning the "war"

And I don't care about any of those things. And I am not apathetic either, I am perhaps more idealistic than apathetic if that makes sense (and I fully expect it not to make sense). I don't "not care" in that way.

And I don't get why other people do care, but when I ask people "but why?" they think I am asking stupid questions. "Why?" is not a stupid question. I really truly do not get it. And I want to. And how am I supposed to get it if I don't ask why?

I think you are disconnected from those things, that's why you don't care. But if someone you loved could be involved in any of the issues you listed, then you might find yourself caring.
oops, I've answered your question the other way around.
OK...I guess....

But surely everyone I love is part of the human race and affected by climate change?

Perhaps it is more that I do not perceive the issues to be harmful (or even to be issues at all) to the people I love whereas other people do?

The war one is a bit different. Although, on second thoughts it is not so different, it is just more in your face and immediate....

dunno... just wondering out loud...

I am not sure what it is exactly that I don't get...
Do you have a sense of duty?
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