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Monday, August 07, 2006

delicious links

Artist, Peter Callesen creates the most amazingly beautiful sculptures just by cutting out A4 paper. Seriously stunning.

A 42 string guitar with 4 necks.

I have only just discovered Bartleby. It publishes the classics of literature, nonfiction, and reference for free.

If I had an iPod (grr) and I lived in London (grrr) I would be using my iPod to find myself: iSubway Maps and iPod Directions.

And finally, the likebetter game. A cool interweb distraction thing: psychology + photos + quiz/test + interweb + time waster + it's all about me!!! The first results have not been entirely accurate, I mean a logical, conservative, religious guy in his 20s with a clean desk and no empathy?!!! Um. If that is what I am like, no wonder no one likes me!

Although I suppose I was lazy and with a lot of the pictures I didn't have a preference (or couldnt decide or wished there was another option)and just clicked the right hand one (because I like clicking on the right hand side better) and a lot of these statements I'd be hard pushed to answer about myself, and I know myself quite well!
You're the kind of person who thinks first and acts later.
You communicate best one-on-one.
I bet you find it hard to empathize with other people.
When it comes to politics, you're conservative.
You study/work better with music playing in the background.
You are right-handed.
You're a night person
You feel energized by meeting lots of new people.
You're a religious person
You probably like to take things as they come.
You're a guy
Your desk is pretty clean right now.
You often employ logic in your decision-making.
Seems like you don't mind indulging in some junk food now and then.
You are more comfortable with clear and concrete information.
You're in your twenties.

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