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Thursday, March 16, 2006

my celebrity faces

This face recognition thing (via Sir Humphreys) is quite amusingly distracting. Especially if you are like me and have hundreds of photos of yourself.

Unfortunately most of my hundreds of photos of me are on an angle or from a weird perspective or I have strange things painted on my face and therefore they are unrecognisable as photos of faces.

The results are a bit confusing and they vary quite a lot depending on the photo. I can look very different in different photos, which is not helpful in determining which celebrity I most resemble. I also found that for each photo I got a lot of celebrities with the same score. And there were some very strange results I must say,

It seems that Halle Berry, Christy Turlington, Denise Richards and Aishwarya Rai (who?!) recur the most frequently with the highest scores for the photos of me that are "normal."

Details below.

Basic Photo
Sophie Marceau 74%
Halle Berry 73%
Lauren Bacall 73%
Tyra Banks 71%
Christy Turlington 70%
Denise Richards 68%
Jennifer Lopez 67%
Sharon Stone 66%
Eva Longria 64%

Shannon Elizabeth 74%
Natalie Imbruglia 73%

Kajol 74%
Natalie Portman 71%
Diane Kruger 71%
Cybil Shepherd 71%
Bebe Neuwirth 71%
Bipasha Basu 71%

Amassador Bar
Melanie Chishom 76%
Christy Turlington 75%
Drew Barrymore 75%
Denise Richards 75%
Kirsten Dunst 75%
Halle Berry 74%
Aishwayriay Rai 74%
Alyssa Milano 74%
Jean Marlow 74%
Ingrid Bergman 74%

Heather Graham 73%
Kate Beckinsdale 72%
Uma Thurman 71%
Aishwayriay Rai 70%
Halle Berry 68%
Katie Homes 68%

Doesn't seem to be too much to be disappointed with there!
yeah...although it is quite strange. In real life I look like none of those people!

Although I can actually see where the resemblances came from...specifically my right eyebrow and the way I pose in photos.
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