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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Animal Totems/Guides ???

This is a longshot but does anyyone know anything about animal totems /animal guides?
I have spent several hours on the interweb and all morning in Pathfinder ... and haven't found any useful info.

UPDATE: adding the word "shaman" to my google searches improved things dramatically (eg animal totem shaman ) Thanks Phoenix! It's annoying, how you need to know the right questions (and vocabularly) to get the right answers.

Also it helps to make a periodic human sacrifice to the gods of Google. A co-worker will suffice.
All I know is that they represent you. Mine is a deer. I only know this because I did a whole lot of spiritualist workshops about ten years ago. Not entirely positive, though. Had a curse put on me which I managed to get removed several years ago. You have to be very careful with spiritualist stuff.
Were the spiritualist workshops useful at all?

I don't see spirits, but I tend to think of them as I would people - ie assume most of them mean well but a few are dangerous. And I assume most of them are in no position to give me advice, although perhaps a few could offer a different perspective. For matters realting to my life, I trust my own judgement above anyone else's, incarnate or not.

It is strange because although I am interested in all other newagey/spiritual type things I have never been interested in animal totems/spirits/guides. Yet the black panther appeared very strongly last week and she is still with me and keeps waking me up in the night - just as well it is the holidays :)
Oh yes, definately useful. I know how to access past lives and channel energy, for instance. The past life one was definately very positive, I was able to lessen the hold a number of past lives had on me.

The one where I got a curse, I remember being very uncomfortable with what we were doing. It was supposed to be astral travelling, but I've always had a very strong aversion to it. I know people that play around with it and think it's harmless. What I've learnt since is that when you are outside of your body, you are far weaker. The physical realm gives you a heck of a lot of protection, especially if you are grounded. Anyway, I got given the curse as a gift from an "angel". It was supposed to help me with my communication, instead it seriously hindered it. I became aware of it one time when I was doing a mediation and passing a gold seive through my entire body - it got stuck in my throat, physically stuck to the point where I felt I would rip my throat out if I kept trying to get it past. Anyway, a year or so after that incident (never did that meditation again, btw) I did healing thing with an ascensionist who told me there was a curse in my throat and talked me through burning it out (spiritually, not physically). Soon after I remembered where it came from.
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