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Monday, December 19, 2005

Which Martial Art?

OK. I'm back. I realised that dancing around to Songs For the Deaf is not really "kickboxing". It was good for getting rid of some of my scratchiness, but not all that good for getting rid of irritation and frustration or for channeling my vicious intent (ie focused energy). So I am thinking I can either cast spells or consider a martial art. Or both.

If I wanted to do it, the spell thing is sorted.

The martial art thing is more difficult. What to do? I want something where I don't have to actually fight anyone, something dancelike, something requiring flexibilty, balance and grace. Ideally there'd be music. Ideally I could practice by myself. Capoeira would be good if it wasn't so gymnastic like and if it didn't require group particpation.

Maybe I will have to make up my own practice. Maybe I can combine it with spells and the QOTSA.

Do you think you might a thing called social anxiety? If so, group participation in a martial art would really help in that the physical activity concentrates your energy into your body, rather that in your mind.

The best way to choose a martial art is to go along and watch classes. You'll get an idea of what you want to try this way.

Wing Chung Kung Foo is good for women, tai chi is more mediative, capeoira - very dance like. With all the martial arts, you don't have to be capable of everything, you work up to it.
I recommend boxing. Clouting a big 50kg bag with all your energy feels great. And kicking it looks way more wussy.

Boxing's hard to beat for a cardio-vascular workout too.
Not sure about social anxiety - I'll go google it. I think I have "something" but have never found what it is.

I don't like a lot of group activities because .. hmmm ... I don't know. Although I like playing music in a group and I love those team building exercises. And I used to do gymnastics/dance in a group.

I just remember I hated the judo classes I went to when I was little. I feel sick thinking about it now. Maybe it was the the touching strangers and the fighting that I didn't like. Or maybe it just wasn't aesthetic enough ... now that I think about it grappling and throwing and judo outfits that people pull off doesn't appeal at all.
Cheezy, thanks for that. I hadn't even considered boxing (because I just have that mental image of hitting people and being hit). But you're right there is no need to hit anyone. A bag will do very well. And I can imagine various faces on it ;)
Or, you can draw someone's face on the bag!
All social anxiety is a freak out in social settings. It's normally habitual and for no logical reason. I used to have it, and then one day discovered or noticed what I was saying to myself put me into a fight or flight response. All I had to do was change the internal dialogue, which for me was saying to myself that I wanted to go talk to x, y or z. It was quite amazingly simple. Now I've got even better and I keep an empty mind. I do notice the patterns trying to reasert themselves, so they are still there.
I got distracted from figuring out if I have social anxiety (or any other personality disorder) by the name tests and panthers... there are quite a lot of tests out there!

Sounds like it could be it though
I should add, or I want to do x, y or z. If you want to do something and you don't allow the negative conversation to occur, then you are not working against yourself ie saying I don't want to be here etc, to which your body responds to the perceived danger.
There is an old Chinese lady who practices Tai Chi just around the corner from us. Every morning around 7 she is out there, either with a sword or with a fan; just flowing from one movement to the next.

Watching her is incredible as there is so much subtle grace in those movements. I've always wanted to join her but somehow feel it'll look a bit silly standing there aping her movements.
I may be biased, but I'd recommend looking into Aikido. Done right, it's very calming. You train quite quietly, in the spiorit of co-operation - it's not a contest.

Something like Tai Chi (as someone above mentioned) may be very good.

Most MA places will be cool if you want to wander along and watch for a session - just to get a feel for what they do.
Cool. Thanks for all the recommendations. The list to investigate is now:

kick boxing
tai chi
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