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Saturday, December 17, 2005


I got around -25 for the brain sex test. Which means a female-ish brain. I am surprised, especially considering my finger ratio.

Although I did the test when I was very very sleep deprived, which may not have been a good idea.

There were a few annoying parts to the quiz:
Apart from writing, I'm relatively ambi-dextrous - so I got stuck on the question about which thumb is on top of your clasped hands. I think I am only right-handed because of school. For things other than writing I don't usually have a preference. I like to swap the mouse at work too. It makes things feel "even."

The word association thing. The first word was fine. The second word I only got two associated words. I am sure it is because of the word they chose. I don't like hte word they chose. I have issues around the word they chose. I'm sure if they had used the opposite word I would've gotten way more.

Spatial Rotation
I always find these questions amusing. I always do relatively well although I think I am crap. I have been wondering if other people figure out the answers the same way I do.

My approach to the spatial rotation questions:
Look at the shape, then look at the possible answers and use my intuition to pick the ones that are the same. For the easy questions the answer is just obvious. I can tell at a glance which shapes are the same - no thought required. For the harder ones where this doesn't work I sometimes try mentally rotating the shape. I can do this on the medium-difficult shapes, but on the really difficult shapes I give up on the brain hurting mental rotation and go back to the intuition thing cause it is easier and I am lazy.

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