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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Useful Tarot Spread; Depressing Tarot Reading

I found this 2-card prioritising spread here.

It looks to be one of the more useful spreads. The first card is "I will do this now." The second card is "I will accomplish this later."

My reading:
Now: The Hermit: Solitude
Solitude, Introspection, Wisdom, Stillness, Contemplation, Meditation, Peace, Connecting with one's Source

Later: 6 Cups: Innocence
Innocence, Contentment, Happiness, Goodness, Nostalgia, Simplicity, Charity, Expectancy, Unconditional love, Childhood, Childbirth, Playfulnesss

Which is not what I wanted to hear. I don't want to be alone now. I want to be happy now. The only good thing is that the reading is consistent with everything else in saying my life sucks, so get used to it.

Hi Suze, if you were connected to your source, you wouldn't feel alone.

It sounds like a pretty good spread to me. :)
yeah... you are right. I'm just being difficult :)
I'm sick of connecting to my source and talking to myself! and christmas/new years/birthday etc is not the funnest time to hibernate - it's not like my source is going to give me presents, or take me on holiday or get drunk on new years eve with me

btw do you know any good Alexander technique teachers in Auckland?
Suze, no, I don't know any in Auckland. I think a lot of them up there follow a different "style" of Alexander Technique, which I don't think is as good. I trained under someone who trained with Walter Carrington who worked with Alexander up until he died. The "Carrington Style" is much more hands on and physical than the other which is very much working with your mind. I personally prefer the more physical one, as it connects me to my body (I tend to be too much in my head and very floaty - or used to be).

If you look up the phone book under Alexander Technique (try white pages as well), email me a list of the names that look good to you and I might recognise some.
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