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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Caving

No not that caving.

I mean the caving in of resolutions to myself. I had resolved to sulk and hibernate all holidays and to do absolutely no christmas celebrating or family or friend visitng or gift buying (apart from passionfruit vodka for myself so I can make and drink passionfruit caprioskas). I was looking forward to it in a pity party kind of way.

Well, today I partially caved. I bought my brother and sister gifts. I am quite excited about the rather retro gifts..if they don't want them then I will quite happily keep them for me.

I bought a Swing Ball set and Connect Four. They have to share and I am sure there will be arguments, but that's what life's about isn't it?

BTW I am the Queen of Connect Four. I can absolutely thrash Bob at the game. Drunken or sober, it doesn't matter. It's extra funny cause he is a very very bright boy and he is supposed to be better than me at these sorts of things. I think he will never play me at Connect Four again. Hahaha!

Swing Ball rules!!
Yeah...I really ought to have bought myself a set too - cause I have never played drinking swing ball. Oh well I can do that in the post xmas sales...
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