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Friday, December 09, 2005


I adored Serenity. So much so that I saw it twice in a row, with as many repeats of the Firefly episodes as time would allow in between. I have never done that with a movie before! It was a cool 24 hours.

If I was going to pick a sci-fi Universe to live in, it would be the Firefly universe.

A friend dropped off his collection here a few weeks ago. I've been sitting with the DVD's for season 1 praying for a free moment to watch even one episode! I've managed to get about 10m into Serenity and it looks sooo cool.
Oooh...lucky you! I so wish I had all of firefly before me all pristine and lovely.

The only thing I will say is that I didn't get hooked until disk two.
Yes, its' very very very very very very good. Perhaps a little darker than the series, but brilliant nonetheless. It would definitely be my sci fi universe of choice
Was it darker than the series? I didn't notice at the time - I guess I was far too engrossed :)

I am not fully into BG yet, but the BG universe, although exciting, also seems rather cold ie more about large important ideas than about people.
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