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Monday, December 12, 2005


The tarot has now surpassed Bob in irritatingness.

Today I asked "What is wrong with me?" I'm surprised I haven't thought to ask the tarot that particular question before.

Anwyay, I ask the tarot, and what card do I get for my current situation? Death (transformation). The associated advce is this:

"Let go and make the adjustments required for dealing with a new set of circumstances. Face the road ahead with a courageous willingness to respond to transformational energies without any resistance to what you are facing."

You see how annoying it is? So I asked the same question again in a different way:

Body: Prince of Cups
The Knight of Cups (in some decks, a Prince) in this position suggests that it is your natural inheritance to be a pioneer. You actually strive for experiences that others only wonder about. Then you return from the front and describe new horizons of consciousness and understanding

Fair enough. There doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with that. Next.

Mind/Feelings: Three of Swords
When the Three of Swords is in this position, elements are in opposition and tearing you apart. Although a heartbreak is classically associated with this card, its applicability is not restricted to romantic situations -- it can be about a close friendship or a family member -- any relationship where a serious conflict could have significant emotional consequences. This card implies a fifty-fifty chance of mending the conflict, but it does carry a sense of tragedy or impending pain.

"tragedy and impending pain"?! Great. Thanks. I look forward to it.

Spirit: The Devil
Embrace the hidden aspects of yourself. Express your passionate nature.
The Devil card in this position advises you to be as authentically whole as possible. Explore what you truly feel, what your real needs are, what you can't live with any longer. Expressing these hidden aspects of you may shock and upset some people, but it is much healthier than continually holding yourself in or confining yourself to limited territory.
Your instinctive energy is searching for a way to express itself. If you can unravel the inner knots that are holding you back, you will be better able to enjoy the pleasures of life and charismatically fulfill your destiny. Your Higher Power wants you to shed your bindings and return to your natural state. Remove the camouflage and the armor of denial. Allow your true nature to reveal and express itself, with a sense of humor.

OK OK...untie knots blah blah blah... But how do I do that if I don't know what is wrong with me?!!!

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