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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

melt me

Today the maximum temperature at my desk was 31.3 degrees. The minimum temperature was 26 degrees and it seemed to hover around 29-30 most of the day. It is only going to get hotter.

So, if I'm grumpy that is one of many reasons.

Another of the reasons for my bad mood is that I wanted to have Melt pizza for dinner, but the CBD branch has closed. I am too tired and hot to think about dinner so I will end up eating junk food, which is bad. Maybe I'll just have cocktails for dinner - they have less calories, and they are both cooling and mood-altering. If I drink cocktails while watching Battlestar Galactica surely I'll feel better?

Suze, that's just really bad. Do you not have a supermarket near you? If you buy a piece of fish and one of those salads in a bag (and salad dressing) and an avocado, you have a very quick and nutritious dinner. I'd recommend terakihi.
Yeah, I know. Going to the supermarket is too much effort tonight.

I ended up eating a can of tuna and a potato and a lime (although the lime was mixed with alcohol, but I think it still counts).

'll try the fresh fish thing tomorrow....just have to remember to go to the supermarket on the way home!
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