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Thursday, October 13, 2005


I am a very bad geek. Actually I am not really a geek-geek. More a fringe-geek or a wannabe-geek who doesn't really want to be a geek....

A while back I saw "Serenity" mentioned in lots of places. Lots of people were buzzing about it. I ignored it. I didn't even know what "Serenity" was.

Recently I stumbled across Orson Scott Card's review of Serenity (via del.icio.us of course) and I was bored and I adore Orson Scott Card's writing, so I read it.

Wow! What a review! Now I absolutely have to see Serenity.

Ideally I would be watching it right now, but no. I have missed the special early pre-screening for fans. And I can't find any information of when/if it will be shown in Auckland. Aargh!! Why do NZ movie theatres insist on showing crap movies? In my search I have found out there are lots and lots of crap movies I could go see if I wanted to. But I don't want to see crap movies. At the moment Serenity is the ONLY movie I want to see. How frustrating.

And now to make matters worse belatedly see Malach's review of Serenity:


That is all.

If only I'd known earlier! If only I was a better geek!

You don't mention, so I'm wondering - have you seen the series?

I had idle intention, while driving in to see Serenity, of writing up a full review upon my return home. While driving home, that's what was running through my head - more wouldn't come.

Now, with the perspective of time, I could write more fluelntly on the subject - hell, if I tried, I could even find some bits I think needed work. Still, a great movie - probably the best I've seen in the last couple of years.
I haven't seen Firefly. I don't watch a lot of tv/movies. I love scifi.

Today I almost rejoined movieshack for the sole purpose of watching Firefly before Serenity.

Would you recommend watching Firefly first? Or doesn't it matter?
It doesn't really matter - I think you can enjoy the movie knowing nothing about the series.

However, the series is pretty damned fine, and you've got some time to kill until Serenity formally hits these shores - so why the hell not?

I think having seen the series (at least twice now), I had more of an understanding of the characters - and possibly got a few more of the little jokes than I would have otherwise.
Firefly beckons.

Just need to get the dvd player fixed first.
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