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Saturday, October 08, 2005

do re mi

Torn has been stuck in my head ever since I watched that video (thanks Zen ;p). So I decided I needed to learn how to sing and play it. When I decide things like this they take over and I have to do them immediately. I suppose it is just as well that it is the weekend...

I have found a copy of the song, lyrics and guitar chords and have spent the better part of this afternoon trying to learn it. Aaarghh!!! How frustrating! I am a pretty crap singer and a pretty crap rhythm guitarist and I haven't done either for months, so learning this song is a bigger challenge than I thought it would be. It is not the easiest song in the world.

Progress to date:
I can't play the guitar along with the cd. Left hand is fine, right hand is not.
I can't sing along with the cd. I can manage the verses, but both the pre-chorus and chorus are out of my range. If I change key then the verses are out of my range. Like I said, I am a crap singer. I think I need lessons.

Gee what a crap musician I am!

So imagine me playing the guitar and singing without the cd. Just because I can't doesn't stop me from trying though. I get a little stubborn about things like this.

Anyway, better get back to it...I'll learn Torn if it's the last thing I do. Unless I get bored of course, in which case it will be dropped like all those other "must do" projects.

Some crap musicians turned out to be fine ones. Think Dave Dobbyn and Bob Dylan. I think the passion, and holding a note, even if you only have a few of them seems to compensate. And then if the tune is right and the lyrics reach out...it can be damn fine.

I'm always amazed that Robert Smith of the Cure thought he couldn't sing for shit, but the band finally convinced him to do it...and wow.
Yeah...you are right.

Maybe I will get some lessons though. I just want to be able to hit all the notes. It's not like i want ot sing in front of people.
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