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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dear Universe

I want more money. Please help.

I did a little budget. I hate being stuck in my current income bracket. It is a VERY stuck feeling. I earn too much to get any sort of assistance/money back from the government. I earn too little to ever get anywhere. Being single makes it harder and it's not just the living costs, not having a boyfriend makes my social life significantly more expensive. Maybe I should cut out my social life altogether. Maybe I should uninsure my health and contents. Maybe I should live on 2-minute noodles.

My calculations show I can pay back my debt at $40/month, which will take the rest of my life. This is being relatively frugal: I don't go on holidays, I don't get dvds or go to the movies, I can't afford to go to the optometrist/dentist and I probably should, I rarely buy things, I don't have a car which makes life difficult sometimes, I very rarely go to restaurants/bars, etc... It is too depressing! Especially as I also get the joys of being in a high stress, take-your-work-home job where I work evenings and weekends when necessary.

Quite obviously the solution is to:
a) earn a lot less
OR b) earn a lot more (earning just a little bit more isn't really worth it)
OR c) get given money/resources (eg rich husband, lotto, etc)
OR d) the other option, which I won't blog

So I am contemplating these things:
1) get a student loan and spend the rest of my life being a student. I think art school for the next 3 years would be quite cool. Then after that I can study all those things that I've always wanted to study, like ancient history and philosophy.
2) get a student loan and spend it on fun things that make me feel better
3) get a job overseas
4) become an "artist" and get one of those artist benefit things
5) become unemployed/sick and do part-time work under the table
6) get a better paying job
7) things related to option d)

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