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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ow! My Head Hurts

By the end of today my time sheet was reading 43 hours.

Yeah. I know many many other people work harder and longer hours doing more important things. But I need somewhere to vent.

By 5pm today I had a migraine and felt like fainting. Anyone observing my walk home would probably have thought I had spent several hours at the pub.

Why is it so hard to do easy things like walking and writing and typing when you are tired? It took me 3 times longer than normal to log out today. I had to stop and think about what I was doing. I also had to keep opening things I had clsoed because I had forgotten something important.

After 12 hours at work I get home and have to think about feeding myself (I am on a budget so can't buy anything), doing the laundry (because I haven't had time for weeks because I have been working evenings and weekends), and now crawling into bed and trying to think happy thoughts because I am so tired I will cry about anything and I can't afford to spend all night crying because I have another long day tomorrow. It is times like these that I hate living alone.

Maybe I'll have a cigarette. I think I have a few in my drawer in case of any nicotine addict guest emergencies.

Get better, soon, Suze.
Chronic, non-ending, overly long work days... suck.
oh suzieq, i'm sorry to hear that. you can always come to ours for food and hugs at least.
If I read your post backwards, its like completely new stuff - and you haven't had to do anthing.
Thanks everyone. I have finished work for this week, so will spend the weekend relaxing and sleeping.
Hope you had a nice rest. Nothing like a long snooze - especially when the weather has turned nippy.

I hope those emergency ciggies aren't too old. Nothing worse that stale smokes - its usually enough to make me give up. Ermmm - yes.
Had a very nice rest thank you. Wish was longer, but there are only so many hours in a weekend.

In the end I didn't use my emergnecy cigarettes. I "borrowed" some nice fresh ones from a friend :)
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