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Friday, July 08, 2005

So I Went to Shihad

Here is the report of the Shihad gig at the newly re-opened Powerstation. It was a great evening and fantastic value for money.

Kora. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! I am now officially a Kora fan. Apparently they are funk.dub. But I discerned a few rock/metal influences as well. Great presence and performance. Darren, you would love these guys.

Die Die Die. Unfortunately they seemed to be having instrument tuning issues. Instrument tuning issues always distract me. I can imagine they could be a great live act under other circumstances. They remind me of a younger, angstier, angrier and less stable Franz Ferdinand.

Cog. An Australian rock(ish) band. I thought they were great. Their bass player was very interesting, and the timing in the songs was really interesting too. It sounded VERY tricky to play. They also managed to produce a huge wall of sound for a 3-piece. I will be going to see them when they return in November. They reminded me of The Music. Oh and they covered a Leftfield song.

Shihad. What can I say. Shihad rock. Don't they always?

I do have a mildly interesting story though. We were on the mezzanine level sitting at a table front centre. Shihad were playing. I was distracted with my camera. Here is photographic proof of me being distracted with my camera:

Notice that Jon (the frontman) is not in the picture.

I am blind so I thought he was just in a dark corner of the stage or playing with the crowd or something. I was wrong. At the time I took the photo he must've been running up the stairs because a few seconds later he was jumping on our table. Yes. Frontman playing the guitar while standing on our table. Very rock n roll! And very brave. I wouldn't be entrusting my life and safety to a wobbly bar table and the goodwill of random fans. It was a very wobbly table and it was very close to the edge. I would've taken a photo of Jon Toogood's leg and guitar close up, but I was too busy helping to stabilise the table and trying to avoid the guitar hitting me on the head.

Hi there--if in doubt always shihad.

I have added a link to your site on mine. You've already put a link to my site on yours.

which is odd because I didn't know you existed.

Link reciprocity is never a concern to me, but thanks!

I'm not a political person and I rarely comment on other people's blogs so most people probably don't know I exist. Which suits me just fine :)

I started reading your blog because I thought you were someone else. Then I kept reading because I found it interesting.
Interestingly since I put your link on, your link has become the 7th most accessed link from my page (does that make sense?!--read it again until it does!)

I want to start writing more interesting things but it's not easy finding the time.

That is just plain weird!

I would've thought that the people who read your blog are political people and more interested in all those other links.

Anyway, you seem to write a reasonable amount. I think that with your type of blog writing takes longer and requires more thought and more time. I'm lucky in that I have no desire to write intelligent things. Writing whatever crap happens to be in my head is much easier!
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