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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Battlestar Galactica, Song Star and Handstands

I am watching tv tonight. I haven't done that in a while. Actually, I lie. Last night I watched America's Next Top Model. It's probably another one of those things I shouldn't reveal on my blog, but I love ANTM! It is perfect for a Friday evening after an exhausting work week. I can switch my brain off and be entertained with no effort on my part.

Anyway, tonight I watched the final episode of Battlestar Galactica. I haven't seen any of this new version, and I am kicking myself. I thought it was great! Even better than the original. Why haven't I been watching this every Saturday? I hope there is another series on the way.

After Battlestar Galactica finished I switched to the last part of Song Star. Song Star was a one off program, obviously put together for NZ Music Month. Five unknown songwriters were given a week and all the resources they needed to create a professional recording of their song. The public voted on the songs and the winner got a $10,000 cheque!!! I could have done with a $10,000 cheque. How come I never heard about this competition? Obviously I need to watch more TV.

The songs were OK, and a couple were pretty good. But I know a lot of unknown songwriters with better songs. Even I could write something just as good as the songs in the competition. Sigh.

Still, it has inspired me to get out my guitar. It's about time I wrote another song. Maybe an ultra catchy commercial song so I can make some money.

Battlestar Galactica and Song Star were pretty entertaining as far as tv programs go, but they were not enthralling, so during the boring parts I was doing handstands. Or, more accurately, attempting to do handstands. I was a bit upset to discover that I can no longer do a handstand. Cartwheels, are likewise a bit beyond me now. Maybe I will spend the winter brushing up on my basic gymnastic skills.

There's very little television I can tolerate. For the past months, the only show I've watched reliably is HBO's Deadwood.

Mindless sitcoms I can't stomach. You can easily tell the really unfunny ones: they have the loudest laughtracks. Are American shows big in NZ? You mentioned Battlestar Galactica and ANTM. Are they the current seasons, or do you get older seasons?

I'd also say that I need to watch more TV, but... I really don't.
There are a lot of American shows here. I'm not sure if we get the current or older seasons. My television knowledge is dismal.

I don't watch much television Zero to three hours per week perhaps. At the moment the only sitcom I like and sometimes watch is That 70s Show.
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