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Saturday, April 23, 2005

7 hours and counting...

The Asteroid Andy reunion gig is imminent. In keeping with the general leaving-stuff-till-the-last-minute-ness of my life I have only just now started looking for Asteroid Andy cds so I can relearn the songs. But I don't have 7 hours to find the cds, learn the songs and practice. It's more like 2 hours! Don't Panic.

Blow is currently playing...everything's alright, every lie is true, if this is what you want, if this is life to you... I have stopped to write this on my way to go looking for all the other songs that I suspect I don't have copies of. I mean, did we ever make a recording of songs like Nathan Astle? I think not.

Really this is just procrastination because I don't want to go through all my carefully stacked and unlabelled boxes.

Ooh...skaterpunks! looking like a lawyer with a carrot up his ass...I wonder how my favourite corporate whore is?

You have a song about Nathan Astle?
I didn't write it :)

The singer and drummer are cricket fans. It was written during that summer when Nathan Astle was a cricketing hero. It is quite catchy.
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