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Monday, October 09, 2006

list update of sorts

I am making progress on the list thing.

I have dyed my hair (item 72). My hair is now brown. Yes it was brown before. That is not the point. The point is that I dyed it. Besides there are lots of different shades of brown.

My gmail account is almost cleared out (item 37). I will finish it tonight I think. Bob reckons that it is horribly unorganised because I just leave all my messages in my Inbox. By cleared out I meant that I had read the hundreds of unread emails in my Inbox. So I am down to 20 unread messages from 600-700ish.

And I don't get why I "should" move things out of my Inbox. Why can't they just stay there?

"55. I know whether my video player works or not"
It works. I put a yoga video in. I think I can cross off item 80 (learn how to do yoga). I already know how to do yoga, I just didn't know I knew. Of course I can't actually do it very well. I am very out of condition. Although the strange thing is that I can still almost do right leg splits (item 82)! It hasn't changed much over the past 10 years even though I haven't done any stretching or exercise at all.

"85. drink a glass of water every morning for 60 days in a row"
I think this will need revising. It is very problematic.
1) I am not good at keeping count
2) I am not a morning person. In general all morning events are a haze and there is no way I am going to remember to drink water let alone remembering if I drank water. Maybe this goal is not that important. (Note: morning equals until 11am or until after the first coffee or two or three - the number required depends on the time. If it is early (ie before 9am) then lots and lots and lots of coffee is needed to get me out of the morning haze).

"95. do a tarot reading for someone other than me"
Done! It was pretty good too. I am quite pleased with myself.

Although I am also a bit p*ssed off with the tarot. It seems to answer other people's questions very clearly and nicely, but all my recent readings for myself have been annoying. For example, I have a decision I really really really want to make. I choose two options and ask the tarot about the outcome for each choice. And the outcomes are basically the same! How annoying is that? It is especially annoying because I have been asking the tarot about this particular question for months now. And it always says the choices are equally bad/good.

"97. throw 5 parties"
This is hard because other people keep having parties. But I see it is Friday 13th this week. Maybe I will throw a spontaneous last minute party and if it is last minute enough then no one will be able to come because they will have other plans and I won't have to clean up before and after and it will still count because I will be partying and dressing up by myself. That sounds reasonable doesn't it?


Here is what I recommend:
1. Create a new Folder called 'Inbox - Unresolved'.
2. Move everything from your Inbox into it.
3. Feel the tension disappear from your life.
4. Deal with your out-of-sight problem on a day when you have the motivation.

I love Pansy. She doesn't judge me.
hmmm. that's a good idea! i have done that and it feels better.

i will do it for all other email accounts.

I currently have a whole Life - Unresolved room. I just ignore it and sometimes add to it.
Maybe the tarot is telling you the outcomes for your two options are basically the same, because the outcomes are in fact very similar? That wasn't very helpful was it? I think you're a good tarot reader, keep up the good work.
I dyed my hair brown the other week as well. It was brown to begin with, but now it's darker brown, and it covers the few strands of white I have.

Regarding the Tarot, is it possible that it keeps your interest because it's so accurate or useful for others.

What I've always wondered about the Tarot, is where the inspiration came from - does it come from a source that ought to be listened to, or is it just noise designed to decieve.
I like brown, although I am little disappointed that my hair looks exactly the same as before I dyed it. I might have to try something less subtle.

I like the Tarot, particularly at the moment. I seem to have gotten better at it too. I don't do the "future telling" type of tarot, I use it more as a way of looking at things from a different perspective and gaining insight. I don't know if "useful" is the right word though. It is like having someone to talk to about stuff, which I appreciate, even though it is probably just me talking to myself. Besides the tarot doesn't mind if I go on and on and on about the same question/issues.

Have you used the tarot?

I am not sure where tarot inspiration comes from for other people, for me I think it comes from me. It can force me to think about things in different ways. And sometimes it is wrong. And sometimes I ignore it.
Hi Suze,

Did you do your hair yourself, or get it done professionally? I've always had a better result when I go to a salon.

I haven't used the Tarot, but I have used Runes. I don't use them much anymore - I really peaked in their use while my Dad was dying. And in a sense they were useful, but I don't think I really needed them.

Thinking back to that time, I wonder if I'd would have been able to go into the sunny room if I'd not been into Runes. By the sunny room, I mean the room my Dad died in. After it had been cleared out and I got all my stuff from upstairs where I'd been staying in the hospice, I passed by the room. It was filled with sunshine and peace and just this wonderful energy. I wanted to go in and just sit there and I felt like I was supposed to go in - but I couldn't do it.

Anyway, I think there are forces at work to keep us from doing the right things, and Runes and the Tarots tap into the otherside where the chances are that the energies involved are not benign.
I dyed my hair myself. It wasn't the best job. I am not the most patient person when it comes to things like dying hair and painting nails etc. Maybe if it was less boring I'd spend more time on it!

Is non benign "bad"? I haven't felt non benign energy like that using runes or tarot. And I have felt non benign really scary energy before. But it has either been related to places or just a random occurence.

I don't try and tap into the otherside when I do readings mainly because I think that just because something is on the otherside does not mean they are good or wise or know anything about anything and I wouldnt take the advice of a random stranger, so why take the advice of a random spirit?

It is more talking to myself. Having said that, I am actually very careful about where/when I do them. I only do them at home and only with certain people. Maybe I am fooling myself about there not being outside non benign influences with the tarot, but in that case there are most assuredly non benign influences in the rest of life.

What do you mean by "right" things?
I'm not particularly patient with hair or nails either, and I garden, so my nails aren't too good anyway. I tried once to do my own hair and since then decided that it's worth getting someone else to do it. Lately it's a once a year job at the salon - cost me $231 + shampoo and conditioner this time around. Eeek!

Non-benign can be bad. If, for instance, you've tapped into something that enjoys messing with your mind, but keeping enough truth involved to keep you going - then that would be bad.

If these same energies or being enhoy your company and prefer you to talk to them, rather than real poeple, that would be bad, too.

I'm not saying that is what is happening, I suppose what I'm saying is that it's possible when you don't actually know what you are really dealing with, when reading Tarot.

I had a friend that did a lot of Tarot a number of years ago, and seemed quite good at it. Yet one day he confided to me that he had this thing, this pressure come and sit on him some nights and that he couldn't sleep because of it. It had been going on for some time and he didn't know how to get rid of it. This was around the time my Dad died, and I had been reading books by Dawn somebody or other. She was a psychic and a Christian, and did a lot of sending souls into the light that were trapped on earth. In her opinion, most people in mental hospitals or psychiatrically disturbed messed around with the otherside. Anyway, I found the bit in the book for my friend that called on Christ and White Light and he used the meditation and it worked - no more nightly visits from the heavy black presense.

I had another friend, who was a Wiccan, who did the Tarrot as well. He was the one I talked out of killing himself one night. He gave me a crystal in appreciation that he had put some power into specially for me. I couldn't wear it. It was all I could do at the time to not be rude, smile and say thankyou and then put the thing in water then sunlight to try and clean it. Hmmm, I still have it, years later.

I think about you from time to time Suze, and it seems that in a way you are stuck. Or you were a while back - have you been able to move past being stuck? And then I wonder, could it be that you've allowed in some energy into your life, beings that are not interested in your wellbeing?
Hey Lucyna,

I've replied by email.
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