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Thursday, August 24, 2006

suze's easy peasey guide to time management

I like Steve Pavlina's general approach to time managent. My version is very loosely based on it. Actually, I may have gone off on a tangent. Nevermind.

Anyway, not only is a guide to time management, but it is a guide to life!
  1. Decide what really matters and what you really want.
  2. Do those things first.
  3. Everything else will sort itself out. Or not. But it doesn't matter because it doesn't matter!
Note: what really matters might change. Check in with yourself regularly to make sure that you aren't doing what really mattered 5 years ago.

Nice and simple.

What I'd add, is "that you have energy for" to step 2.

Sometimes, you don't have the energy to do something that really matters, but an 'easy win' can give you a bit of a boost. It might not matter as much as other things on the list, but it is often just enough to get you moving in the right direction...
Good point!

I tend to do nothing if I don't have energy for the important things. Maybe I should experiment with "easy wins" more.

But then me having energy is one of my "high priority things that really matters"!
Can you now do a guide to "How to work out what really matters" please.
But Zen, that is the difficult part!

I know what really matters to me, but I don't know how I know.

Hmm... do other people not know what is important to them? Isn't it just one of those things you automatically know?
I think I know what is important to me, but it's the every-day little decisions one makes that make it hard to decide if one is actually looking after the things that are important.

Spending time with my family is important, but putting food on the table is important too. I have to work to put food on the table, which reduces the time spent with my family. What is the balance?

Should I finish my accounts this week, or delay them if more important things come up? Then suddenly, I'm hit with a big penalty for late filing. I wish the government didn't make these things so important...
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