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Sunday, September 17, 2006

silly people

Goodness the silly Brash affair thing is annoying. OK. You asked for it. So I almost (but thought better of it) voted at Sir Humphreys like this:

I don't care about if Brash resigns, I just care about why he resigns. My vote is "Brash shouldn't have to resign because of a silly affair." Maybe he should resign for other reasons (such as not being able to do the job), but not for the alleged affair reason.

I don't understand why people are making such a fuss about it all. Well. No. I do understand, it's about sex and sin and people seem to be very interested in and opinionated and uptight about sex, particuarly when people are/aren't having the sort of sex that complete strangers think they should have with the people they think they should have it with. I am quite sure there would be more fuss if the affair was "sordid" and less fuss if he had done something less interesting like I don't know... steal.

And I don't think it is about morals at all. It is about people being annoyed that someone did not behave how they wanted them to. Isn't it? I am quite sure most people do not care about the actual morals of Brash and only care that he appears to act in a way that fits in with their own personal morals. Right? I mean, wouldnt everyone be quite happy if Brash had been spylike enough to not let anyone find out?

And I haven't read all the comments or been paying attention to the media. It's just not that interesting to me. Besides i am quite sure that no one except the parties involved know the whole story.

I really really really don't care about Brash's private life. I think an affair (was there actually an affair?) is a stupid reason to resign and that the whole thing is a silly fuss about something that is not as important as other more important things. Everyone lies and sins and breaks laws. Don't they? I mean, I would make an excellent prime minister and it is not totally inconceivable that I could be married and have what some people might call an affair.

Anway, don't people have better things to gossip about?

I completely agree, Suze. I do believe Brash should be reconsidering his position... but only because he lost the last election, and doesn't exactly look like the right person to take the National Party forward (at a time that NZ desperately needs a strong opposition party)... I do not think he should resign simply because he's been found to be human and fallible in terms of his private life.

PS: The SirHumphs always crack me up! When the story first broke the immediate reaction of a few of them was "So what? The PM is a lesbian!" as if there's some moral equivalence here. You gotta love those boys!
I guess I don't know/care enough to have an opinion about whether he is competent.

Boys and gal - don't forget the gal!
Full of crap, as usual Cheezy. Can't you even handle a blog comment without fabricating something?
Oh dear Mr Cheezy. My condolences. Didn't realise you had just the one eye.
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