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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

agency confusion

I'm confused. I got a very high score for agency in the personality test directly below. In other words I believe that I believe I have control over my life.

The confusing thing is that Bob, who is telling me to do stuff (as opposed to twittering and dithering) has a very low agency score. Meaning he supposedly believes in fate and luck.

So. If you believe in fate and luck then why would your advice to me "do something"? Surely whatever I do doesn't matter?

I'm not saying that it "do something" bad advice and I'm not saying that I don't do anything. I'm just puzzled.

Have you considered the possibility that personality tests are worthless as far as anything useful is concerned?
Useful? You mean like blogs? ;)

I didn't think personality tests need to be worth anything. I just like them. I think they are much more interesting than TV.
Fate says something will happen. Luck is for when and how.
Did anyone in this space ever claim blogs were useful? If so, they need to take time for a serious re-think...
I doubt it.

On the other hand my blog is useful to me...

...and so much of our lives could be classified in the "not particularly useful" category. Actually, a lot of stuff I like to do(music, art, dancing on the beach under the stars) isn't exactly useful! And much of the useful stuff I do I hate.
If you like to do it, it's useful! If you don't like to do it, but you do it for another reason (e.g., money), then it's also useful.

If you do something and it brings no benefits at all (e.g., reading blogs that just piss you off), then it's not particularly useful.

Pretty much any comment I make here = not useful...
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