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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Mars Volta and The Magic Numbers!

Usually the Big Day Out acts are OK. Usually there are maybe one or two acts that I'd quite like to see. Usually there is nothing special to actually convince me to buy a ticket in advance. I haven;'t even attended the last couple of Big Day Outs.

The 2006 Big Day Out is different though. The first announcement of acts was today, and I am thrilled. The list includes The Mars Volta and The Magic Numbers. YAY!!!! I absolutely LOVE The Mars Volta! They are one of my all time favourite bands. I am currently very addicted to the only Magic Numbers song I have heard - Hymn For Her. It is lovely lovely lovely.

But there is more: Iggy & The Stooges are an absolute must see. And some of my other favs are also playing: The White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand, Kings of Leon, AFI, Pluto ...

I gave the Mars Volta disc "Frances the Mute" a listen. I almost liked it, but it was a little too self-indulgent with all the extra sound effects to hold my interest. Iggy, Stripes, FF are all definitely worth seeing. I didn't even know Iggy was still playing.

One band I just started taking an interest in (after seeing them referred to in a post somewhere about The Mars Volta), is Coheed and Cambria. Kinda updated guitar-oriented prog-rock with a distinct sci-fi theme.
Despite The Mars Volta being one of my fav bands, I don't like Frances the Mute at all. I loved whatever the name of their first album was.

Ah...Coheed and Cambria...yeah I really like them too! Especially the whole sci-fi space opera thing...

BTW Have you heard of/seen Serenity?
I like your site, and will mark it in my favorites.... will you come see mine and post a comment.... if you like it, tell a friend or twenty!!

I can't stop listening to White Stripes, Hawthorne Heights and the new Foo Fighters
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