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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My face is lopsided!!!

Today's little excursion involved a trip to several optometrists. A friend is looking for new glasses frames, and wanted someone to give her an opinion so I went along. While I was watching her try on frames I decided I might as well try some on too. After all I really do need glasses if I want to see things.

Now I always have problems finding suitable frames for my face, but today it was even more difficult. My face is lopsided! I'm sure it is far more lopsided than it used to be. I think my left eye/eyebrow is a different shape from my right eye/eyebrow. Which I'm fine with me, except now when I'm finally thinking about buying glasses. How annoying!

Does anyone know how I can fix face lopsidedness? Perhaps it is just that I always tilt my head. Or maybe my spine is misaligned.

Anyway...assuming that I can't fix my face...what are your opinions on suitable frame shapes/sizes for me? What shape do you think my face is? Here are some pics to help you. Feedback is most welcome.

another shape

trying on glasses in reality

trying on glasses virtually

i like the black ones - but that may be because the virtual ones are just weird. and i have an aversion to coloured frames.
The virtual ones are not the correct colours. I don't know a good virtual try on glasses site.
isn't everyone's face lopsided?
Yes. Apparently everyone's face is lopsided. I just never considered it before.

How do people manage to find suitable glasses? Don't be surprised if I stare at your faces next time I see you ;-)
it takes a long time. that is why i am never getting new glasses again.
There should be a tool that takes relevant information and spits out a selection of the best frames to suit your face, colouring, lufestyle, style, budget, lens requirements etc.
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