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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tag Clouds: Political Murk

My new favourite thing is TagCloud.

I have put my "NZ Political Blogs That I Sometimes Read" cloud in the sidebar. Think of it as partial disclosure or the wise words that are influencing me or the virtual company that I keep. Ha!

UPDATE: Ummm...the cloud is ugly. How do I weight the tags? At the moment you can't see just how popular these words are: helen clark, tristan, gulag, apparently...

heh - talk about collective consciousness...I've just (like 10 mins ago) added a category cloud to my site:

and there was The Unofficial WebApp List as well!

I guess our collective consciousness is delcious :)

...but I do not see your cloud...am I looking in the right place?
aah...wrong URL...try this one:
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